Who are the Indisputable Poker Greats

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You have to beat the best to be the best. If you're a seasoned poker player, you no doubt have heard the names of some of the poker greats who left their mark on the game's history. These are the best poker players who ever lived, and their stories. If you truly want to know what made these poker greats stand out from the competition, you need to look at who they are, how they play, and what motivates them to stay on top of the ladder. Here are the all time poker greats, the legends who changed the game forever.

The Poker Greats Who Won Big

10. Stephen Chidwick. Starting off any list of poker greats, it's the one and only Stephen Chidwick. This master of the game was born in England and quickly rose up the coveted Global Poker Index player rankings and All Time Money List. He has won a staggering $31 million over the years, and based on his record, he's not done winning any time soon. We expect nothing less from one of the best poker players around.

9. Johnny Chan. This is a guy who's really living the dream. At the age of 21, he headed for Las Vegas to pursue his true calling, poker. Based on his winning record, we think that it was probably the right call. This poker great earns his spot in the World Series Poker brackets and has shown strongly in many world championship events.

8. Fedor Holz. Fedor Holz is proof that age doesn't necessarily equate to experience. At just 27 years old, he already solidified his title as one of the all time poker greats. Don't believe us? Just look at his stunning $4,981,775 win at the 2016 World Series of Poker brackets, or the fact that his winnings totaled up to $21 million within just a year after that. Fedor Holz is proof that no matter how old or young you are, victory doesn't discriminate. Very few of the poker greats could match that.

The Tournament Champions

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7. Daniel Negreanu. Just imagine winning millions of dollars every time you play. That's exactly what this poker great does. Daniel Negreanu has poker as part of his DNA. He's among the highest winning players of all time, and his record is nothing to scoff at. He's made it to the final tables of the World Series a whopping 31 times. A feat like that takes an almost inconceivable amount of skill that only the best poker players could have to have. He's been featured on numerous podcasts, writings, and blogs, so you might have seen him around.

6. Dan Smith. How would you like to win over $8 million in one night? Dan Smith certainly would, and he did just that with his major 3rd place win at the Triton Millions. Most players don't earn that much in a lifetime, much less one tournament. Of course, being a poker great means you can't just win once. Dan Smith has a thorough history of winnings with very respectable showings at the World Series. As one of the best poker players around, he's shown us all what it means to win in style.

5. David Peters. World Series bracket winner David Peters is certainly one of the poker greats on account of his multiple victories. Currently one of the top ranking Texas Hold'em players around, you'll find him on many circuits making quick work of the competition. After all, no slouch earns the nickname he has, "the silent assassin"

4. Phil Ivey. "The Tiger Woods of Poker", "The Phenom", and "No Home Jerome" are all nicknames belonging to one of the most renown poker greats, Phil Ivey. This player has won over 10 World Series Brackets, has appeared in 9 World Poker Tour finals, and has been inducted into the Poker Hall of Fame. His track record speaks for itself, and it hasn't slowed down at all. He's also established Ivey League, a poker training site to teach players the tricks of the trade. If you're going to learn, it might as well be from one of the best poker players of all time right?

The Kings Who Ruled the Game

3. Doyle Brunson. The Texas Dolly has been in the game for over half a century. Poker great Doyle Brunson has been playing for 50 years, securing many titles along the way. He's won World Series left and right, and he's even won the World Poker Tour on top of that. As a winner of over $6 million, he's earned a place amongst the giants. It's appropriate that one of the best poker players is one of the longest standing ones.

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2. Bryn Kennedy. Bryn Kennedy was an avid player of Magic: The Gathering. He then transitioned into another game we all know and love, Poker. Judging by his fantastic record, that was probably for the best. He's been seen on multiple World Series tables, and has cashed a haul of $2 million in one go. None of those compare to his 2019 showing at the Triton Million, where he blew all his previous records out of the water and took home an unimaginable amount over $20 million for third place. Bryn Kennedy has proved that he deserves his seat at the table with the other poker greats.

1. Chip Reese. If you wanted to know, who is the best of the best poker players? Who is the greatest of the poker greats? stands above the rest? Which champion became a legend? The obvious choice for number one is undoubtedly David "Chip" Reese, one of the greatest poker players ever. Look no further than his track record to find out why. He's won World Championships, he's stunned the world with his 7 Card Stud, and he's earned a spot in the Poker Hall of Fame. Chip Reese has changed the very face of the game, and you would be hard pressed to find many who disagree. It's an easy conclusion to draw that Chip Resse was without a doubt, the number one best poker player of all time.