How to Play Video Poker while Understanding the Rules


Poker is a very popular game, whether you are playing in a brick and mortar casino or trying your hand at an online establishment. It gives players an enjoyable time with plenty of exciting gameplay, and having this good time doesn't require you to have any particular skill level.

Skill and strategy are things you can acquire with time. As long as you understand the video poker rules, you can go ahead and put yourself in the game. One of the reasons that online gamblers enjoy playing poker is that the odds of winning are often a little better than the winning odds when playing slot machines.

Video Poker Rules

Depending on where you are playing your online poker, the rules and the payouts may have a few slight differences. For instance, some may include jokers in the deck and others may not. It is a good idea to thoroughly read any of the specific rules of the game instead of simply making guesses as you go along. You will want to specifically check to see if there is some sort of rule that is specific to that particular gameplay like wild cards or jokers added into the deck.


Finding Your Objective

The goal of every online video poker game is to acquire the right combination of cards to get your payout. Most of the time, the games will use the same types of card combinations used in physical poker games such as flushes, straights, or pairs. Read up on the rules to see if the game allows wild cards, as you don't want to give up something on accident that would have allowed you to hit the jackpot!

Playing the Game


Most online poker games rely on similar rules to the 5-card draw game. So they will start with you being dealt a five-card hand. You will then have the option of exchanging some or all of your cards for new ones in an attempt to get a better hand. Your payout will be determined by the hand that you end up with.

There are probabilities to consider when you are deciding whether or not to bet or fold when playing video poker. For instance, you are more likely to get a four of a kind rather than a royal flush. This is true no matter what type of poker you are playing!

Your cards are dealt using a Random Number Generator. So it is possible that you could wind up with a full house two turns in a row! The computer doesn't actually keep track of what cards were dealt in the previous games, it is all completely random! Many people think there are tricks or talismans that will allow them to get a better hand, but the truth of the matter is all the cards are completely random.

Find Your Winning Hand

Now that you are more familiar with the video poker rules, you are ready to get out there and try your luck at a hand or two. While you are never guaranteed to win, you are always guaranteed to have a good time.